THE FENCE AUTHORITY: Lucky 7 Workmanship Warranty!

7 Year Warranty

Choosing a fence that meets your needs, personal taste, and property requirements while also complementing your home can be a very big decision. An equally big and important decision is choosing the right fence company.

Why Choose The Fence Authority?

For two decades, we have said, “We are the greatest fence company! We offer fantastic customer service and highest quality products! Work with us and you’ll have the greatest home improvement experience ever!”

As a shopper, it isn’t always easy to take a business’ word for truth, and we understand that. At the end of the day, we’re consumers, too! So, we’re backing up everything we’ve ever said about ourselves and committing to print that we believe we’re the only company that can deliver you the best fence installation services. How are we doing that?

Presenting The Fence Authority
7-Year Workmanship Warranty on Every Installed Fence
The Fence Authority Team

That’s right! Every fence installed by The Fence Authority comes with a 7-Year Workmanship Warranty.

No muss, no fuss. Just quality work and products guaranteed to keep a smile on your face, your loved ones safe, and your property looking fantastic!

So, go golfing, watch the game, catch up on some reading, or take the day to enjoy family or friends. Or just sit back and relax with an iced tea (or hot chocolate, depending on the season) while our Pros do all the work for you—work that is now backed with our 7-Year Workmanship Warranty.

What’s Covered Under Our 7-Year Warranty
  • Gate Adjustment for 7 Years
  • Fence Leaning for 7 years
  • Loose Pickets, Loose Sections for 7 Years
  • Premature Decaying for 3 Years
  • Complete Wood Splints 1 Year
  • Self Closers 90 Days
  • Material Warping 30 Days