Protection Fences

Feeling safe at home is a priority and our fences offer a high level of protection

Protection Fencing for Safety and Peace of Mind

Whatever your reason for adding an extra layer of safety and security to your property, there is no doubt that a new fence from The Fence Authority will help give you peace of mind. You don’t need barbed wire and electric fences for protection. We have a multitude of options for protection fences so you are guaranteed to find a strong, durable, and secure fence that has style and elegance at the same time.

From private back yards to more commercial areas, security fencing can be an important addition to any property. Keeping the right people in and the wrong people out while having absolute peace of mind is priceless.

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Security Fences with Style

Don’t feel stuck in choices for protection fencing.  Security means strong, durable, and able to withstand damage and time—not chain link, electrified or booby trapped! 

Stop into one of our fence design centers and let our experts show you all the options you have for safety and security.

What You Get from a Protection Fence from The Fence Authority

  • Choose from wood, vinyl, or aluminum
  • Stay secure without breaking your budget
  • Options in picket, panels, and rails
  • Our 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • And of course the peace of mind you deserve
Aluminum Privacy Fences

Popular aluminum security fences:

  • Haven series Bedrock
  • Haven Series Onyx
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Aluminum Privacy Fences

Popular vinyl security fences:

  • ActiveYards Harbor Series Dogwood
  • ActiveYards Cottonwood
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Aluminum Privacy Fences

Popular wood security fences:

  • Tongue & Groove Red Cedar
  • Basketweave
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EZ Fence 2 Go DIY Protection Fence

With our EZ Fence 2 Go kits, adding a DIY protection fence to your property is incredibly easy. With instructions that are simple to follow and all the necessary materials included, you are sure to have a new fence set up in no time. If you’d rather trust the professionals, our Expert Installation Team is ready to help you out and install your fence for you.