Wood Deck Examples
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Can anything top the natural, timeless beauty of wood decking?

At The Deck Authority, we don’t think so! The right wood deck can tie your entire outdoor living space together, and give you a great space for entertainment and relaxation. With just a small amount of TLC and a professional installation, your wood deck will be a low maintenance, elegant addition to your backyard that you will enjoy for years to come. Deciding which type of wood to use is the only hard part about installing wood decking! Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular types of wood decking, or contact us to hear what our decking professionals have to say.

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Types of Wood Decking

Pressure Treated Pine Decking

Because of its versatility and reasonable pricing, pressure treated pine wood is among one of the most popular choices for wood decking.

This style of wood is pressure treated with chemicals to increase durability and resistance to insects and splintering. Pine wood decking is typically sealed to enhance and maintain its natural grain and color.

Ipé Wood Decking

Ipé wood decking is just as exotic and unique as the name suggests. Hailing from lush Brazilian forests, Ipé wood is an incredibly durable, beautiful decking lumber. In addition to a gorgeous finish, this extraordinary wood is naturally fire, moisture, and insect resistant. With the right treatment and sealing, Ipé wood also typically has a longer lifespan than cedar or mahogany.

Cedar Decking

Do you want a deck that steals the spotlight at every family gathering and group celebration? Cedar wood is an alluring, bold wood that brings a splash of personality to any outdoor space. From its tantalizingly woodsy aroma to its crisp, vibrant auburn coloring, cedar decking will help you make the ultimate backyard statement. Beneath that beautiful exterior is a resilient, durable lumber that will stand the test of time. For an added twist, consider a Western Red Cedar deck, which starts as a reddish brown and ages to a graceful silvery gray.

Mahogany Decking

If you’re looking for a wood deck that will be a simple yet refined addition to your outdoor space, we’d like to introduce you to mahogany decking. Mahogany’s rich color and stylish characteristics make it the perfect backdrop to a summer night.

Don’t let the delicate exterior of mahogany decking fool you—underneath is a durable, pest and rot resistant wood that will become a prized addition to your backyard.


Make Your Wood Decking Dream Come True We know wood decking options can seem overwhelming at first.

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