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What is an Aluminum Fence?

Great question! ActiveYards Aluminum Fences are maintenance free fences that offer solutions to many of your fencing needs. Whether you need protection for Kids or Pets or you simply desire a decorative Picket Fence that is the perfect accent your home, we have what you need. Looking for a Pool Fence that is stately while also maintenance free? ActiveYards Aluminum fences are the perfect solution.

Choose from 4 colors, 4 standard heights and a multitude of styles. We even have 3 different levels of product to choose from, Good (Harbor Series $), Better (Home Series $$) and of course Best (Haven Series $$$). All ActiveYards Aluminum Fences have Corigin Screwless technology.

2 Ways to Get your Aluminum Fence

At The Fence Authority, we offer these awesome fences to you a few different ways. You can take advantage of our Expert Fence Installation teams and have your fence professionally installed or you can save up to 40% off traditionally installed fences and Do – It – Yourself with the ActiveYards EZ Fence 2 Go System. Either way, you can get your fence in a snap. We stock the most common styles and if what you want is not in stock, no worries! With the ActiveYards Quickship Program, the most popular style can be delivered within a week.


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