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We believe we have a responsibility to replenish the natural resources we use to build our fences.

We know it takes a large number of trees to make lumber for wooden fences, so we want to make sure we give back what we’ve received from Mother Earth.

We work hard to source our raw materials from companies that share our vision of environmental stewardship.

Lumber is one of the few renewable resources, and we want to help ensure that we’re playing our part in making sure it gets renewed. For every wooden fence we build, we will be planting several trees to restore the resources we’ve used for our products.

From the Earth

Like everything else, our products come from Mother Earth

Our job is to find the best way to obtain products that have a minimal impact on this tiny blue dot we call home. Let’s face it, we only have so much control, so whenever we can, we buy most of our wood from mills that are FSC certified. Our vinyl and aluminum products come from a world-class company that is completely focused on their people and building a legacy of environmentally responsible companies.

american chestnut foundation

Organizations We Support

U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service protects national forests and grasslands in 43 states and Puerto Rico. Their cause of conservation is dear to our hearts. Year after year, The Fence Authority continues to support the agency with donations that have gone toward planting thousands of trees.

The American Chestnut Foundation (TAC)

The American Chestnut tree was thought to have gone extinct due to a blight early last century.  The American Chestnut Foundation’s mission is to save the species. Recently, saplings have been discovered in remote areas and the TAC Foundation is working hard to nurture these resilient little trees into a sustainable specie once again. To help keep this essential part of the U.S. forest ecosystem alive, we donate to the organization annually so they can plant more American chestnut trees.

Everyday Contributions

Some things are easy. At our offices, we recycle paper, plastics and day-to-day waste. We are currently in transition to a paperless environment. We’ve even planted a veggie garden that we harvest daily for lunch during the growing season.
Our sales team drive Subaru’s – does that count?
Our founders are vegetarian. Count?
Live Free.

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