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Kid and Pet-Friendly Fencing

We are just as serious as you are about security and protection for your family, two-legged and four-legged members alike. The type of fence you need will depend on who you want to keep in or out. For example, a lower picket fence can protect smaller children and dogs, whereas a privacy fence may be a better option for older kids and bigger dogs. It’s also important to consider the spacing of the pickets since small dogs (and maybe even children) could slip through the cracks if the spacing is wider than they are. The hardware you choose will also help to determine just how secure your fence is. We have options that lock with a key, magnetic locks that are more difficult for children and dogs to open themselves, and many other options. Check out hardware options here.

Pet and Kids Styles

You may find it humorous that we group kids and pets together however the fences that keep them safe are pretty much the same. Ultimately you need a sturdy and reliable barrier to keep your loved ones corralled and safe.

When it comes to kids just about everyone of our fences will keep them safe but what matter most is the gate and and the sturdy hinges and self closing latches.  when the properly installed, everyone is safe.

Additionally, the more difficult a fence is to climb the safer the wee ones will be.  We offer a bunch of non-climbable solutions.

As far as fences for your furry four legged loved ones, one needs to pay close attention to how high they jump, how much they dig and of course their overall strength.  You surely don’t want to buy a fence, get installed and then watch Rover sail right over it on his first run about the yard.

Wood, vinyl or aluminum, we have a solution.


Wooden Fences

Traditional Picket with dog

Traditional Picket

Spindle fence with puppy


Domed Contemporary Picket with dog

Domed Contemporary Picket

Slip Board with dogs

Slip Board

Spindle puppy


Vinyl Fences

Silverbell Scallop Haven Swingset

Silverbell Scallop Haven in White

Persimmon in White near swing set

Persimmon in White

Dogwood Harmony in Sand-Wicker

Dogwood Harmony in Sand-Wicker

Dogwood Haven Cambium in Cypress

Dogwood Haven Cambium in Cypress

Primrose Haven in White

Primrose Haven in White

Arrowwood Haven Dog house

Arrowwood in White

Barberry Haven in Wicker

Barberry Haven in Wicker

Aluminum Fences

Granite Drop Rail Haven in Black with dogs

Granite Drop Rail Haven in Black

Granite Drop Rail Home in Black by pool

Granite Drop Rail Home in Black

Onyx Harbor in Black

Onyx Harbor in Black

Amethyst Home with puppy

Amethyst Home in Black

Granite Harbor in Black

Granite Harbor in Black


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