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The Fence Authority is just as serious as you are about security and protection for your family—both the two-legged and four-legged family members. We know that as a homeowner and parent, the need to keep your yard guarded, safe, and secure for your little ones is of the utmost importance. We have a wide range of fences that are perfect for kids and dogs alike, which means you can have peace of mind—at all times.

From picket fences in wood, vinyl, and aluminum to semi-private fences with ornate detail, we have what you need to keep your nearest and dearest totally secure while also adding beauty to any back yard. Looking to also keep prying eyes from spying on your backyard activities? A privacy fence will do the trick! An added perk: It may even keep Rover from barking at every mailman he sees. The age of a child or pet can determine the size and type of fence that should be installed in your yard. For instance, older kids and larger dogs may easily clear low picket fences, whereas infants and puppies will be easily contained by a privacy fence. Sorry, no guarantees for cats or canaries!


Child Friendly Security Fences
Our Child Friendly Security Fences

From ball games to hide and seek, children always enjoy being outside. But this presents a problem for many families: how to keep our little ones safe, while allowing them to have the most fun in their favorite room—your back yard.

Our security fences are strong enough to take a few wayward shots from budding soccer players, close off swimming pool areas, and even support holiday decorations. With affordable, high quality, and customizable fence solutions, The Fence Authority is committed to helping you find the best fencing solution for your outdoor living space.

Our recommendations for child and pet friendly vinyl fences:

  • ActiveYards Silverbell and Primrose
  • ActiveYards Dogwood
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Our recommendations for child and pet friendly aluminum fences:

  • Home Series Bedrock
  • Haven Series Amethyst
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Our recommendations for child and pet friendly wood fences:

  • Spaced picket fences
  • Split Rails fences
  • English Hurdle Fences
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Protection Fencing For Pets
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Protection Fencing For Pets

As a pet owner, keeping strangers (and even neighbors) out of your back yard is not the only thing you need to worry about. There are numerous (and possibly dangerous) animals that might wander past a yard with a poorly constructed fence or no fence at all, and decide the yard looks like the perfect place to set up camp.

From raccoons to deer to bears and even to Fido next door, there are plenty of wild and domestic animals to keep out of your yard.

Keeping pets in your yard is also a great concern for pet owners. Some dogs are just born to run or hunt and while we absolutely love them for it, we do not want to lose them if they run away.

A lot of the time, dogs in particular won’t necessarily run away but run towards something. Cars, bikes, cats, mailmen, and the occasional zombie can grab a dog’s attention and before you know it, our furry friend is blocks away.


Pool Code Approved Security Fences

Parents know how important it is to keep everyone safe when there is a pool in your back yard. The Fence Authority carries pool fences that are pool code compliant and meet the IRC pool code (which has been adopted nationwide and is the minimum requirement for pool safety standards). Adding that extra bit of confidence when summer comes around, you can be sure that your children are protected from water accidents. This of course includes the neighbors’ kids as well. The teenagers on the other hand, they may still do some pool hopping!