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Buying a Fence Online: What to Consider First

Shopping online has become popular because it’s so easy, and nowadays, there’s almost nothing you can’t order from a website! You can even start acquiring materials for your fence project without leaving your home. However, when buying a fence online, there are a few factors you need to take into account—including whether or not ordering online is right for your project. For many people, it is a great and convenient option, but here are some of the things you should consider.

Buying online is best when you know what you want.

If you’ve already decided on the material and style for your new fence, it’s easy to pick it out from the choices in an online shop. However, if you haven’t seen your desired material up close and are feeling unsure, you may want to see it in person before you make your decision.

You may also require some level of consultation regarding what type of fence will work best for your yard and needs. Whether you should do it yourself does depend on your skill level. Anyone can learn how to be an expert DIYer, but it may take you more time if you’re not experienced. However, you can order a fence online and then find a contractor (or a friend) to install it for you.

Ordering online may also not be the best choice if you want something unique. For a customized fence, you’ll need to work with a contractor who can build your dream fence.

An 11′ long natural wood split rail fence, available in The Fence Authority’s online store.

Make sure you measure your yard first.

Before you order a fence, you need to be sure you’re ordering the right materials as well as the right amount of those materials. When beginning a fence project, you should always first measure the perimeter of your yard. Figure out how many panels you’ll need to cover the area—and whether the panels will fit without any customization. Most fence panels are 8 feet wide, so you’ll likely need to plan for a post every 8 feet.

If you’re not sure where exactly your property lines are, you’ll need to confirm them before you can measure properly. If you have hesitations about how to measure, it might be a good idea to consult with a contractor.


A 6′ Arrowwood vinyl fence from the Haven series. 

Look at the location of your retailer and the delivery costs.

Does the convenience of ordering online outweigh any potential shipping costs? It may. However, choosing a more local retailer will help reduce shipping costs. After all, you’re ordering a product that is bulky and expensive to ship. If you use a local retailer, you may be able to arrange pickup of your fence rather than having it shipped, saving you the cost of postage entirely. Delivery is also likely to take longer, though The Fence Authority is able to deliver fences within three days.


An aluminum granite panel fence, 54″ high x 6′ wide and from the Harbor series.

Make sure you choose an online retailer with a good warranty.

Once you decide to order a fence online and know what you need, the next step is confirming that your online retailer is trustworthy. A trustworthy retailer will always provide you with a workmanship warranty. Usually, a year is the bare minimum, but as you might suspect, the first year is likely to be totally peachy. It’s farther along that you might start to notice issues arising–peeling, chipping, damage from pests, discoloration from weather, or anything else that could go wrong. That’s when your warranty will really need to kick in, so you should search for a warranty that spans longer than that first year.

Once you know what you want and where to buy it, you’re ready to order your fence online! Then you can begin your DIY project, or you can find a contractor or friend to install your fence for you. Either way, you’re closer to having a new fence in your yard, whether for keeping your dog contained, giving you some privacy, or simply making your yard look prettier.

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