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Why You Should Choose a Fence Company that You Can Visit

With the average residential fencing project nearing $8000 in the Northeastern US, a fence is now, more than ever, a home improvement investment. So, take a closer look before you sign a contract.

When doing a Google search for fencing, how can you tell the difference between a one-man show, a company from out-of-state cherry-picking opportunities, or a brick-and-mortar local operation?

There is one way to find out. Ask this question: Can I visit your business?

There are clear benefits to working with a full-service fence company. These types of companies typically have a staffed office with a showroom or display area. Some will also have inventory and manufacturing facilities. Back in the day when fences were simple and inexpensive, there was minimal concern about hiring the wrong contractor. Unfortunately, today’s consumer is exposed to significantly more risk due to the high cost and fragmentation of the market. Consumers must have some recourse and protection and there is nothing better than a face-to-face visit before making a purchase (or at least the option to have such a visit). When hiring a fence contractor, you are buying a product, hiring a contractor, and trusting a person or organization all at the same time. Your confidence and trust will grow by visiting or at least researching.

Here are 3 compelling reasons to visit your fence company:

1. You are buying a product first and foremost, so go shopping.

Many consumers make the mistake of letting the contractor choose a product for them. Do you hire a plumber to install fixtures at your home and let them decide what manufacturer or style to install? No, you select the product, and they install it. You do the same with flooring, countertops, window treatments, and appliances. Somehow, roofing and fencing have fallen into the same category as “mulch.”

When you visit the fence showroom, take time to shop, ask questions, compare materials, colors, grades, prices, and especially look at the actual product you’re going to buy. Take a sample home if possible.

2. See firsthand if you’re comfortable with the company.

While you are shopping for your new fence, it’s a perfect opportunity to consider the personality and culture of the operation. Could you see yourself being warmly received in a few weeks after you have signed a contract and before the installation, if for whatever reason you wanted to change or review the project? How about in two years if you need to stop by and ask if they can adjust a gate that no longer works properly? Remember, you’re investing your money, so make sure you’re comfortable.

3. Clearly understand the product and workmanship warranties.

We have all heard of fence warranty claims such as cracking, rusting, discoloration, or poor weathering performance, where the homeowner contacted the installer, who then passed the buck to a manufacturer that was no longer in business.

If you’re able to visit a fence company in person, you can ask about their warranties, both for the product itself and the installation. They’ll be able to tell you about how they plan on backing up their warranties.

If the fence company you are hiring has a facility as described above and you cannot make the trip, rest assured you are probably making a good decision. Please don’t misunderstand the message: there are many very good fence contractors/installers with excellent reputations who do not operate a showroom or office. And many of those would more than likely be responsive for years to come. However, some are just an advertisement and a pickup truck, and an increasing number of “out of towners.”

In today’s digital world, more than 75% of ads or search results are for companies without a physical location in your area to visit. If you can find a contractor with references, it’s hard to top that. A company with a physical location you can visit is likely bound to be more reliable than one without.

If you can ask, “Where are you located? Can I come visit your business?” and the answers are YES, you’re on the right track.

If a fencing company has an office with a showroom or a store, you’re allowed complete transparency to get the most value from your decision. Happy shopping!

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