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6 Reasons Why Winter is a Good Time of Year to Install a Fence

installing a fence in winterCan you install a fence in the winter?

The answer is yes! You can have a fence installed during the winter!

As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you don’t have to wait until winter is over to start working on your backyard oasis. We’ve experienced milder weather these past few winters here, where our fence company is located in Westchester, PA. That has made even more of the year a great time to have a fence installed and to enjoy your yard.

Winter could just be the best time of year for you to install a fence if it’s the right time for you. You can get a fence in any season, and there’s no reason to leave winter out. Check out the 6 reasons why winter is an opportune time to start your backyard project.

1. Landscaping is easier in the winter

winter fence installationMost trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant in the colder months. If you have a manicured landscape in your backyard, installing a fence in the winter might be a great time of year for you. Since your yard is dormant, your plant life and your lawn are less likely to be damaged during fence construction. Not having to worry about harming your plants can speed along the process for contractors and DIYers alike.

2. A privacy fence will keep you secluded while your greenery is dormant

Unless your home is surrounded by evergreens, it’s likely that your backyard is going to look a little bare during the winter months. If you use trees and shrubs to increase your privacy, all that protection falls away during the autumn. Maybe you have a spaced board fence and your shrubbery fills in the gaps, or maybe you don’t have a fence at all. A privacy fence can help if you are feeling exposed during these colder months, and you don’t need to wait until spring for fence installation.

3. Fence contractors can install your fence quickly

enjoying a new fence in springWhen springtime comes around, everyone starts to scramble to get their new fence installed. That means you might end up waiting a while to schedule an appointment with a contractor. While you’re waiting, you’re missing out! Spring is the prime time to enjoy your fence, not wait around for one. By installing a fence in the winter, you can beat the spring fever rush. While your neighbors are stuck waiting, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your new backyard oasis.

4. Your new fence will be prepared for the winter weather

a wooden fence in winterIf your fence is starting to crack and rot, it’s time to replace it. While some materials might hold up better than others, once your fence starts to become damaged, it will only get worse over time. If your fence is worse for wear, installing a new one during the winter can help you maintain security and safety in your backyard. You don’t have to put off renovations until the spring. A new fence will also hold up better against the cold, snow, and sleet. Keep your backyard neat, clean, and secure by installing a new fence in the winter.

5. Wintertime installation won’t interfere with outdoor activities

Once spring and summer hit, you and your family will want to kick back, relax, and enjoy your backyard. Unfortunately, digging up your yard to install a fence can put a damper on your family’s fun in the sun. Since it is the offseason for them, contractors usually have more availability in the wintertime and can install your fence without infringing on your spring and summer activities. By installing a fence in the winter, you get to cozy up by the fire and not have to worry about the installation getting in your way.

6. If you get a holiday puppy, you’ll be able to let him out!

Install a fence in winter for your holiday puppy!The winter holidays are one the most popular times of year for families to bring in a new four-legged friend. If you get a new dog this season, you need a fence! Puppy protection and fences go hand in hand, especially if you want to house train your new pup and let him play out in the yard without a leash. Fenced-in yards are great for your pet to get exercise as well.

Winter is a great time of year to have a fence installed, so why wait?

Even though many people don’t realize it, you can install a fence in the winter. In fact, the colder months might just be the best time of year to install a fence for you and your family. Don’t put off your backyard project until the springtime. If you want to beat the crowd, prepare for winter weather, and maintain your privacy, now is the perfect time for your fence installation project.

The Fence Authority is a fence company in West Chester, PA that installs fences year-round, including in the winter! Contact us today for winter fence installation. We’re happy to install your fence in summer, spring, and fall, too.

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  • George says:

    I have 250ft. Old wood fence How much would it cost to replace with vinyl fence. The 4 by4 posts are fine.

  • Davis says:

    A lot…approx. 6500-7000 dollars. I am having vinyl fencing installed soon.

  • Vivian Black says:

    I like that you mentioned how puppy protection and fence installation go hand-in-hand. That’s why I’ll be sure to have a fence installed within the perimeter of our home. Not just any fence, but a vinyl fence since it requires not that much maintenance. Hopefully, it can be done before the gift giving day. Thanks!

  • Laura Berney says:

    As the winter season starts, the demand for fencing and other outdoor work goes down. This provides a great benefit because the prices for materials is reduced. Winter is also a good time to hire a proficient contractor because there is less of a workload. This also ensures that the project will be completed faster with a comparatively lower cost.

  • Louise Tice says:

    When do the prices for materials go down? Nov,Dec or Jan?

  • Ellie Davis says:

    I didn’t think about the landscape being easier to deal with in the winter. I think this is the perfect time to install a fence in my yard. Hopefully, after some research, I’ll be able to find the best fencing company in my area.

  • Quinne Elliot says:

    I thought it was interesting that hiring a fencing contractor in the winter could actually help you get the work done faster, as spring tends to be a busy time for fence building. My fence is currently falling apart, so I’ve been wanting to get a new one installed. Do you have any tips for choosing a great fencing material? I’ve been thinking chain link, but I’d like to learn about the other materials first.

  • Caden Dahl says:

    Come to think of it, installing a fence during the winter does seem like a good idea. As you said here, the contractor would be able to install it quickly since they won’t be as busy due to the winter weather. I’ll just have to be sure that whoever I hire has experience with doing fences.

  • TWF says:

    Great points, I must say it’s convincing! I agree, you can get a fence in any season, although, I must admit, I prefer doing it around spring. This is very true though, “Wintertime installation won’t interfere with outdoor activities.” Or, you can simply hire a contractor. Interesting read!

  • Michael Lee says:

    I would have not thought that winter would be a good time to install wood fencing. I agree that having the fence would be nice because you have privacy. Not waiting for spring so that the fence can be installed immediately is also a great idea.

  • Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for pointing out that getting a fence will increase your privacy. My husband and I just moved into a new house and we are wanting to get a fence installed. I’ll have to do some research and find the best fencing contractor in the area.

  • Shayla Cademis says:

    I never realized that installing a fence in the winter would be better as to not interfere with landscaping. My husband and I recently moved into a new home and had some landscaping done in the backyard without realizing we should’ve installed a fence. We’ll definitely take your suggestion to install the fence during the winter as to not interfere with it; hopefully we can find a great fencing company in our area!

  • Derek McDoogle says:

    I found it interesting when you said that by installing a fence in the winter, you can beat the spring fever rush. My brother told me that he would like to add more security and privacy to his property but at the same time to be able to let his dog out without getting worried. I will suggest to him to contact a fence contractor so that he can get a quote and see if he can afford to isntall a chain link fence.

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