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How to Maintain a Wood Fence Through the Changing Seasons


Getting to experience all four seasons is one of the benefits of living in the Mid-Atlantic region. From colorful spring flowers to white winter snow, each season can bring new beauty to your yard. However, the changing seasons can also cause all sorts of issues for your wood fence. Wet weather, especially, is not a friend to wood–but fear not! We have some tips on how some simple wood fence maintenance can protect your fence from damage caused by weather changes.

Protect your wood fence from debris and moisture

Branches, leaves, and other debris can fall and cause all kinds of damage to your wood fence, including rot. To make sure branches are not going to fall onto your fence in case of wind or ice, cut or trim branches out of the immediate area of the fence.Snow enhances the beauty of your yard, but the moisture can damage your fence.

Cutting branches will help prevent acorns, twigs, and leaves from falling onto your fence, but these objects can still be carried by the wind and land right on your fence rails. You’ll need to periodically clear these materials from the horizontal rails of your fence. Wet material in particular can accelerate rotting, so you don’t want leaves stuck to your fence. You’ll also want to check that no organic matter has gotten lodged between the rails and boards or stuck between the rails and wire mesh, as this can damage the fence and affect its stability.

Trimming the grass near your fence is another way to keep it protected from the elements. Shorter grass means less water retention, which can help prevent rot. However, while moisture is bad for your fence, keeping the ground around the posts hydrated will help prevent the ground from cracking near the posts.

Address any issues with your wood fence ASAP

Knots in fence wood are normal, but they can pop out as temperatures change.

By maintaining your fence properly and looking out for warning signs, you can prevent many problems from ever happening at all! In the Mid-Atlantic region, the summer months are often the wettest, and winter snow can be even more damaging as it melts into your fence. If you replace broken or cracked boards before these seasons begin, you can significantly extend the life of your fence.

After severe weather, make sure you check up on your fence’s stability. If it has been damaged or if it’s wobbly or dipping in any places, you should take necessary measures to have it fixed as soon as possible.

If you’ve been inspecting your fence as you should, you’ve probably noticed some knots in the wood. These knots expand in warmer weather and contract once it’s cooler, so sometimes they fall out, leaving a gaping hole. If you use wood gap filler to fill these holes as soon as you notice them, you can prevent birds, insects, or termites from moving into the holes and damaging your fence.

Stain your fence before the seasons change

Part of maintaining your wood fence is applying stain periodically.

Applying stain to your fence is an important part of maintenance. Stain protects wood from the elements and extends your fence’s life. Different types of stain work better in different environments, so be sure to use a stain that’s specifically formulated for your climate.

Staining your fence can help prevent water absorption, which in turns helps prevent rot. If your fence has previously been stained but now looks like it’s fading, it’s time to re-stain. Staining every 2-3 years is a good bet for keeping your fence as long as you can.

If you’re hoping for your wood fence to last you through the seasons, you’ll need to take proper care of it through rain, sleet, and snow. If damage does happen, fixing your fence right away can prevent the problem from becoming more serious. When it comes to fence maintenance, don’t let anything slide! If you’ve made an investment in a beautiful fence, you deserve to continue enjoying it for a long time.

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